Intern Ethan Reports on the 2018 Cultural Access Awards

My name is Ethan, and I have been an intern at Art-Reach for 4 months, and this was my first time attending the Cultural Access Awards. I was in awe of the energy and love provided by both the organization and their many supporters.

Some stand out moments included a beautiful spoken word poem by Jamal, and a memorable sing-along with Ami, who’s 12 string guitar struck a chord in everyone’s hearts.

But of course, the show-stopper was the collaboration between Overbrook School for the Blind and Pennsylvania Ballet II. Together, they created Live Out Loud, an original tap performance with a jaw-dropping solo from OSB Student Justin Morrisey, whose rhythm was impeccable.

The performance was followed by a flood of applause and tears from both the audience and the closing speaker, our Executive Director, John Orr. I was ecstatic to hear that Art-Reach raised over $6,000 at this year’s Cultural Access Awards. If that wasn’t amazing enough, the support of Art-Reach really shone through when board members Rick and Tony generously agreed to match the amount raised, dollar for dollar.

I can’t wait to see what Art-Reach does over this next year and to have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements at the 2019 Cultural Access Awards!

In Banner Photo from left: Art-Reach Interns, Ethan Abrams, Isabella Jayme, Huiyu Huang, and Gabriella Frisone
Photography by Conrad Erb –