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The ACCESS Program has participating locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Click on the state that you receive benefits from to view eligible locations.

Please note: if you have an Art-Reach ACCESS card, you can visit any of these locations, regardless of the state in which you reside.






PA ACCESS cards (right) are given by the state of Pennsylvania to residents who monitor their government-issued cash, food, or medical benefits with an EBT card. They can be shown at participating sites with a valid form of ID to receive the ACCESS discount.

Art-Reach’s ACCESS Card (left) is available for purchase for individuals with disabilities and can only be used for cultural discounts, not EBT benefits.

You do not need to register for an Art-Reach ACCESS Card if you have a PA ACCESS/EBT Card or a DE EBT Card. However, each card can only be used in its respective state. To visit all participating sites across state lines, you can purchase the Art-Reach ACCESS Card.
Yes! Anyone who identifies as having a disability can purchase the Art-Reach ACCESS Card, which can be used at any of our participating sites.

The Art-Reach ACCESS Card is available to people who self-identify as having a disability. Below is a list of some common types of disabilities. If you identify with any of these or any other type of disability, you are welcome to purchase an Art-Reach ACCESS Card.

Hearing Disabilities affect a person’s ability to hear. They may communicate or receive information through American Sign Language, or through technology like captions, hearing aids, or assistive listening devices.

Vision Disabilities affect a person’s ability to see. They may navigate by using a white cane, or with the assistance of a service animal or sighted guide. People with vision disabilities may receive information by reading braille, listening to audio descriptions, or through assistive technology.

Physical Disabilities may affect how a person moves or completes tasks. Sometimes they may navigate or perform tasks by using a mobility device or with the assistance of a service animal or Personal Care Attendant.

Cognitive/Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Neurodiversity may affect how a person thinks and processes information. They may experience heightened sensitivity to sensory input and use their body and focus in varying ways to engage with their environment.

Chronic Illness may affect a person’s overall health, wellness, and wellbeing. They may experience visible or invisible symptoms that have an impact on their daily life. affect a person’s ability to hear. They may communicate or receive information through American Sign Language, or through technology like captions, hearing aids, or assistive listening devices.

Purchase an Art-Reach ACCESS Card at this link. Art-Reach ACCESS cards are received digitally, but a physical card can be sent for an additional $5 fee.

Two weeks prior to the expiration date on your card, you will receive an email with instructions on how to renew your account. Please keep in mind that your account is active from the date of purchase until the end of the month the following year. If you renew your card too early, you will essentially ‘lose’ time, so we recommend waiting until you receive the renewal notice email.

If you have misplaced your Art-Reach ACCESS Card, which will say “Art-Reach” on one side, please request a replacement through our Contact Us form. Please note that, if you are able, the digital card can be used in the meantime. If you have lost a state issued card, you will need to contact your County Assistance Office through the Department of Human Services at this link.

If you did not receive an email containing the download link for your new digital card, please reach out to After redownloading the card, the expiration date will be updated.

Visit this link to view a step-by-step guide on how to purchase tickets with the ACCESS discount.

Please note: Art-Reach does not sell or distribute tickets. For specific questions you will have to contact the venue you’re interested in visiting.

Each participating site handles their ticketing process differently; we recommend calling ahead to reserve or purchase tickets, but you can also visit this link to see which sites have a promo code that can be used on their website.

The ACCESS discount is available during each participating site’s open hours.

Please note: the discount may not be available for special events or exhibits.

You can use the ACCESS discount as many times as you want, even multiple times a day!

The front desk or box office may ask to see ID from an accompanying adult but understand that younger children may not have an ID card. If your child is a high school student, they are eligible to visit select museums for free through the STAMP program.

Please note: The person whose name appears on the ACCESS Card must be present to obtain the discount.

If you work for an arts or cultural organization that would like to join as an ACCESS Participating Site, please contact us here.

No, unfortunately, they are not a part of the ACCESS program at this time.
No, unfortunately, they are not a part of the ACCESS program at this time.

Member Organizations

Organizations that serve individuals with disabilities, economic disadvantages, or other barriers that keep them from traditional cultural participation are eligible to register as Member Organizations. These organizations include, but are not limited to, adult day programs, residential facilities, support groups, and any human service agencies that serve people with disabilities or low incomes.

Please fill out this form to sign up to become a Member Organization.

You can access the Member Portal through this link.


You are still eligible for the STAMP discount with your valid high school ID.

You need to show your student ID in-person to the participating location’s front desk to receive the STAMP discount.

We have several STAMP sites including museums, historic sites and gardens. Check out our participating locations at this link.

The STAMP discount only applies to the student whose name appears on the student ID. The student must be present to receive a discount.
You must be a current high school student to receive STAMP discount.
STAMP was designed for individual use only. The program may not be used for school field trips.
No, simply show your valid student ID at the front desk of the participating site of your choice, and enjoy the art!

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