We create, advocate for and expand accessible opportunities in the arts so the full spectrum of society is served.

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Lifting Philadelphia Higher, Pushing Access Further

Planning during a pandemic is hard. We did it anyway and I am glad we did. For a while now Art-Reach has been asking, What’s…

So What's Next? To build an Accessible World, An Equitable World. Art-Reach Logo. Globe Graphic

So What’s Next?

Dear Friends, As we come to the close of our 35th year I am in awe of the support you’ve shown to Art-Reach. Over the…

  • Art-Reach works with over 400 organizations throughout Philadelphia.

  • In 2019, Art-Reach provided 212,274 cultural opportunities.

  • The low-income and disability communities saved $8,138,300 through ACCESS Philly.

  • In 2019, we provided our Members 15,538 opportunities to attend live performances.

  • In the last five years, our programs reached over 700,000 people—more than our first 25 years combined.

  • In 2019, ACCESS Philly welcomed 182,527 people to 48 cutlural sites.

  • Our programmatic impact has increased by more than 1,500% over the last 5 years–from 13,000 to over 212,000 people.

  • In 2019, our Ticketing Program saved participants $733,719 in admission fees to live arts and museums.

Program Spotlight: STAMP

Hey Philly Highschoolers!

Did you know you can bring your high school student ID and get into museums for free? Thanks to a city-wide initiative led by Art-Reach, STAMP empowers you to visit the coolest museums, gardens, and historic sites all over Philly, for FREE, with your valid student ID. Get your ID ready to explore your city and put your own stamp on the arts in your community!

Click here to learn more about STAMP. 

The STAMP program is made possible by the Virginia & Harvey Kimmel Family Education Fund.