Art-Reach creates, advocates for, and expands accessible opportunities in the arts so the full spectrum of society is served.

Art is a human right

Art-Reach is a team of disabled and non-disabled advocates, educators, artists, and allies working to make the arts an inclusive space for the disabled, led by the disabled.

We believe everyone should have the chance to engage with the arts. We seek to understand the intersectional relationship between disability, race, and poverty as we strive to learn from the lived experiences of our community to create lasting change.

Why we do what we do?

Art is where disabled and chronically ill people can challenge old ways of thinking, imagine better worlds, communicate in innovative ways, and express what’s most important to them. Access to the arts is access to learning, creativity, and community. In a world where disabled people are being isolated, ignored, and underestimated, art can be a space of freedom and dignity.

disabled adolescents and dance students learning ballet in a dance studio
a circle of interconnected arrows, labelled "engage", "support", and "learn", respectively. Each arrow points to the next in the sequence

How do we do it?

We listen to our local networks and gather feedback. We bring that valuable feedback to arts organizations, helping them create and develop inclusive practices and accessible programming. Then, we return to our community network to continue learning and improving our approach all over again.

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