The Art-Reach Cohort

The Cohort is a year-long virtual professional development course focused on accessibility and the arts. During the program participants learn about disability rights history, accessibility standards, inclusive programing practices, assistive technology, and implementing accessibility into organizational planning.

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Take part in professional development with lived experience at the center. From Disability Justice to building inclusive programs- prioritize time to learn from disabled and allied professionals, thought leaders, activists, and artists alike. Joining the Art-Reach Cohort is joining a community of cultural art workers committed to creating a better cultural arts sector.

Hands up ASL interpreters
Katie Samson speaking

In-Depth Workshops

Each workshop will build upon the next; adding valuable resources, reflection points, and action steps to growth.  In addition, participants will receive a copy of Art-Reach Workbook, access to the Digital Learning Series (February 2025) and quarterly office hours with the Cohort’s Director. 

All sessions will be hosted in zoom meeting, variable learning styles welcome, and we will work with your access needs, recorded and transcribed for later review.

Cohort Schedule

Learn the topics being covered this year in our cohort workshops.

All sessions will be hosted in zoom meeting, variable learning styles welcome, and we will work with your access needs, recorded and transcribed for later review.

Registration is $1200. A 15% discount is available for two or more staff members from the same organization.

Class 1: Soft Skills for Access & Network Weaving

September 10

Assess your personal and professional relationship to accessibility. Narrow in on your learning goals and what you are looking to get out of your time in the Cohort.

Class 2: Introduction to Cultural Accessibility

October 8

Re-frame your understanding of disability. Learn the basics of critical disability studies, the differences between adaptation and inclusion, and build awareness for unconscious bias and ableism.

Class 3: History of Disability and the Disability Rights Movement

November 12

Join us for a history lesson to help contextualize today’s accessibility work within a larger world narrative to better root our practices with the knowledge of the past.

Class 4: Disability Justice & Cultivating Safe Spaces

December 10

Understand disability as a part of structural and systemic oppression. Learn from Art-Reach staff on their lived experiences and the intersectionality of disability, race, gender, and class.

Class 5: IDD Community, Beyond “Special”

January 14

Recognize the importance of working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Not only will this class cover audience building, but also discuss how people with IDD lead dance performances, dig into archival materials, and perform on our stages.

Art-Reach Show & Tell


During this halfway point, Art-Reach offers a digital learning series. A full month of weekly pre-recorded panel discussions and live Q & As . Facilitated by different departments, focusing on many aspects of access work, we offer an opportunity to engage with topics from leadership to coalition building to programs and partnerships.

Class 6: Deaf Community and ASL Interpreter

March 11

Learn how Deaf audiences work with ASL Interpreters from guided bird walks to working with deaf coaches for the performing arts.  Build an understanding of the complexities of ASL interpretation and how to build a great partnership with your community.

Class 7: Captions, Devices, and Access Services for the Hard of Hearing Community

April 8

Accessibility tech is growing with the hard of hearing community and augmented/alternative communicators. Understand the differences and specificities of the community and the services available.

Class 8: Blind and Low Vision Audience Experiences

May 13

Low vision and blindness are a large spectrum: gain perspective in individual needs and what it takes to be an immersive visual interrupter.

Class 9: Accessibility Strategic Planning & Cohort Reflections

June 10

After months of building knowledge, community and understanding how to be an ally, let’s plan. Join Art-reach staff to learn how to build a team to see your organizational visions through.

Cohort in Action

Check out some highlights from last year’s cohort presenters.

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Refund Policy

If a refund is requested before September 1, 2024, 95% of the registration cost will be refunded. If a refund is requested between October 14 – November 11, 75% of the registration cost will be refunded. NO refunds will be provided after November 15th.    


Getting leadership support for professional development can be difficult, so we’ve created a sample Justification letter to help. Feel free to download our letter template.