Member Arts Calendar


Future events are pending in the Arts Calendar. For questions please contact

This calendar is for Art-Reach members that pay an annual membership for their organization. For information on how to become a member, click here. 

Art-Reach releases tickets back to the arts venue 7 days before the show. Ticketed events will disappear from the calendar 7 days before the date of the performance.

Ticket Information

If your organization is an Art-Reach member, please submit the appropriate ticketing request form to request tickets. If you are not affiliated with an Art-Reach member agency but are interested, please visit our Member page.

Get in Touch

To receive more information about our Arts Calendar or to make suggestions about specific events that are not already included in the Member Arts Calendar, e-mail or call 267-515-6724

Movie vouchers are for Art-Reach Organizations & Groups and not a part of the ACCESS Philly program. You must complete a ticket request form to receive movie vouchers.