Art-Reach Presents at The Kennedy Center’s LEAD Conference

Navy Blue LEAD logo reads: 2019 LEAD, The Kennedy Center with white capped mountains illustrated above "the Kennedy Center

The week of August 5th, the Art-Reach offices will be closed as the staff travels to Denver, Colorado to attend the Kennedy Center’s Leadership Exchange in the Arts & Disabilities (LEAD) Conference. The LEAD conference provides a unique experience to share best practices and innovative and inclusive program ideas to implement more accessible opportunities in the arts. It is one of the most energizing experiences of the year for Art-Reach!

For the first time ever, ALL of the Art-Reach staff will be presenting sessions and workshops on how we keep Philadelphia one of the most accessible cities in the nation! Click here to learn more about the LEAD conference. 

During this time away, Art-Reach will be receiving system upgrades so we can better serve our members. Ticket requests will not be received this week (August 5-August 12).  We look forward to sharing and implementing all that we learned at the LEAD Conference!