Get more ACCESS than ever with the Art-Reach ACCESS Philly Card

It’s Finally Here!

For the first time ever, individuals with disabilities can purchase an ACCESS Philly Card directly from Art-Reach that allows them to receive $2 admission to over 50 museums, gardens, theaters and cultural sites throughout Greater Philadelphia.

Art-Reach ACCESS Philly card over mosaics

Take this Art-Reach ACCESS Philly Card to over 50 cultural sites and bring 3 friends for $2 a person!

About Art-Reach’s ACCESS Philly Card

  • The card is $75 and valid for one year.
  • To be eligible cardholders must identify with having a disability.
  • To sign up, complete the form and pay the annual fee using a credit card. You will receive a renewal notification in 11 months from sign up date.
  • Note Art-Reach ACCESS Philly card is not affiliated with PA state benefits.
  • If you have a Pennsylvania state ACCESS card already, you do not need to purchase an Art-Reach ACCESS Card.
  • Participating sites may not be physically accessible or provide accommodations, please confirm prior to visiting. Art-Reach is not responsible for providing accessible accommodations.

If you need any assistance completing this form, would like to complete this form in person, or want to pay with a check or cash please contact Art-Reach at or (267) 515-6727

I love the arts but can rarely afford to attend events. Since I’m not eligible for Medicaid etc., but on a fixed disability income this is a great opportunity. -Art-Reach ACCESS Philly Cardholder