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For more than 50 years, Temple Theaters has been a vital piece of the Philadelphia theater community, helping to shape and hone new talent, while producing elite level work that delights audiences. Our 2018-19 season promises to be a dynamic and intriguing one with bold modern productions, emotionally enriching classics, and gorgeous musicals. ACCESS Philly tickets can be reserved by emailing or calling 215-204-1122.  

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The Country Wife | March 27 through April 5, 2020
Banned for nearly 200 years for its salacious content, this classic, ribald, restoration comedy of coquettes and cuckholds is a playful sex-fueled satire telling the story of society rake, Harry Horner, who seduces married women by spreading rumors of his own sexual impotence. When Horner meets the titular character, however, the seemingly innocent Margery Pinchwife, she manages to twist his plot on its head. Everyone hides their true intentions and every entendre is doubled in this new adaptation by Rachel Atkins which modernizes restoration themes while highlighting the gloriously unabashed sensibility-shattering cleverness of Wycherley’s language.