Art-Reach provides access to arts and culture to over 212,000 people annually.

  • Two children sit with a woman as members of an audience.
  • two girls hold an instrument during a presentation by in-facility artist Tony Mascara.
  • A young man smiles at the camera as he works on a collage.
  • A man smiles as a woman helps him with his artwork.
  • A person draws a colourful picture.
  • Saint Katherine Day School student leans on a ballet barre, smiling, surrounded by PA Ballet dancers.
  • A small child beats excitedly on a pair of drums during Tony Mascara's presentation at Art-Reach's 30th birthday party.
  • A man wearing a bright red jacket beats on a large drum.

Our Impact

Art-Reach has grown into a connector, leader, and advocate for accessible cultural opportunities for people with disabilities and communities facing economic adversity. Art-Reach leverages its position between the human service and cultural sectors to create social change and increase cultural opportunities to people who are typically under-represented by the cultural sector.

Art-Reach is working toward cultural accessibility on a scale that includes over 400 organizations, creating over 212, 000 interactions each year between underserved audiences and the arts.

Over the last five years, our programmatic impact has increased by more than 1500%— from 13,000 people using our programs to over 212,000 in 2019.

People Served by Art-Reach

Infographic titled Number of people Served by Art-Reach. Bars in graph are created by multicolored silhouette of people. Each bar increases per year. The X Axis Is by year, Y Axis is number of people. Graph Reads: 2014: 12,609. 2015: 47,273. 2016: 95,337. 2017: 160,098. 2018: 185,168. 2019: 212,274.

In the last five years, Art-Reach programs reached over 250,000 people. That’s more than our first twenty-five years combined!

— John Orr, Art-Reach Executive Director