A Letter from Executive Director John Orr

John Orr Candid Photo smiling with his daughter at 2018 Cutlural Access Award

Dear Friends of Art-Reach,

How strong are the programs that your support helped build? Over 200,000 people strong. That’s how many people will experience the arts through an Art-Reach program this year.

Art-Reach has been a game changer for my family.”

“Is this ACCESS Philly program real? It’s really that easy!?!?!”

Your support to Art-Reach makes people the happiest they’ve ever been. What more could we ask for? Well, I need to ask you for more so that we can continue the programs that bring joy to people.

As we approach the end of our 2019 program year, Art-Reach has to close a $75,000 funding shortfall in order to sustain our growth and build our programs. It’s not easy and there is no magic pill – we know that. However, it is possible.  Your support over the years gives us optimism.

I don’t ask Art-Reach’s funding base to stretch very often, but this year is different.  By increasing your support today, you are part of the solution. You are solving accessibility in the arts and putting Art-Reach in a position of strength.

Thank you for being as generous as you can,

John Orr
Executive Director