The ENCORE Program offers interactive and enriching cultural experiences to Art-Reach Member Agencies.

  • PA Ballet dancer demonstrates a step for students from Saint Katherine Day School.
  • a woman feels a plushie bird at the 2017 flower show.
  • A woman creating a paper mask at an Encore event.
  • A man smiles while holding a paper guitar.
  • A child in a green shirt balances on his right foot, surrounded by smiling adults.
  • A man wearing a bright red jacket beats on a large drum.
  • children and their parents hold their arms over their heads at a ballet lesson.

Logo Reads: Virginia & Harvey Kimmel Family ENCORE Program

ENCORE program events are participatory, artistic experiences that are offered in many different forms and customized to our member’s needs. They can be created to complement ticketed activities, like single-session or multi-session workshops or as residencies, deepening artistic engagement and fostering educational exploration. Some examples of ENCORE programs are: touch tours of backstage and on set of theatre productions, audio described tours of exhibitions, dance workshops and rehearsal visits to the ballet, art-making classes at museum studios, or in exhibition spaces. These programs are designed to shift an experience from observation into participation and deepen the cultural experience.

If you are interested in setting up an experience that is tailored to you and the people you serve, contact: 

The ENCORE Program is made possible by a gift from Virginia & Harvey Kimmel Family Education Fund.

Music makes me feel great and peppy. It puts me in a good mood!

— Josh Bancroft, Client and audience member at LiveConnections ENCORE event