Frequently Asked Questions about ACCESS Philly

What locations can I use the ACCESS Philly discount for?

What is an ACCESS Card?

New state Capitol Building around Cherry Blossom Designed EBT Card, Older Blue Green ACCESS EBT Card, and Yellow and Navy Blue Medical Assistance Card from State of PA


An ACCESS Card is given by the state to Pennsylvania residents who monitor their government-issued cash, food, or medical benefits with an EBT card. Click here to learn more about what an ACCESS card is.

How do I get an ACCESS card?

You can obtain an ACCESS Card by contacting your County Assistance Office. For more information on how to get an ACCESS Card click here.  

How do I get my tickets for the ACCESS Philly Discount?

For ACCESS Admission, simply go to the visitor services desk at the participating museum, garden or historic site, show your ACCESS card and receive your ticket, wristband or button.

All ACCESS Live tickets must be purchased with the participating theater’s box office. For more information on how to purchase tickets contact the theater directly.

Please note: the person whose name appears on the ACCESS Card must be present to obtain the discount. 

I’m from out of state, can I use my Delaware or New Jersey ACCESS Card to receive the discount?

No, ACCESS Philly can ONLY be used by Pennsylvania State ACCESS Cards. However, you may qualify for this national program: Museums for All. Click here for more information on Museums for All.

How many times can I use the ACCESS Philly discount?

You can use the ACCESS Philly discount as many times as you want, even multiple times a day!

How many people can I bring for $2?

The ACCESS Cardholder can bring up to three (3) guests for a total of four (4) people for just $2 dollar a person. This means a group of 4 people can attend a museum for $8 total.

When can I use my ACCESS card to receive the ACCESS Philly discount?

The ACCESS Admission discount can be used whenever the participating museums, gardens and historical sites are open. The discount is NOT valid for special exhibitions or features, special events, or with any other offer or group rate.

I receive state assistance but do not have an ACCESS card. Can I still get the ACCESS Philly discount?

At this time, the discount is only for Pennsylvania ACCESS cardholders.

My child has an ACCESS Card but is too young for an ID. How do I obtain the ACCESS Philly discount?

The front desk or box call office may ask to see ID from an accompanying adult but is understanding to younger children not having a state ID card. Please note: the person whose name appears on the ACCESS Card must be present to obtain the discount. 

Is the ACCESS Philly discount available for families only?

The ACCESS Cardholder is free to bring anyone they know, friends or family, to the museums or gardens.

Can I use my EBT card to also pay the ACCESS Philly fee?

No, please use other forms of payment such as credit card or cash to pay admission.