Artist: TruVoice Productions

Vocal Performer & DJ

Music & DJ Performance
Program Description: Miguel is an interactive and upbeat artist with a good knowledge of music for all ages. He gets the partygoers involved and dancing to the music and keeps the celebration moving with very nice interactive singing show. Miguel is unique in his enthusiasm and experience. A ball of energy, he provides an interactive musical performance incorporating many genres such as Big Band, Soul, Motown, R&B, and Broadway. In his own words, all of his performances incorporate “smiles, laughter, movement, and joy.” Miguel customizes his performance based on the needs of his audience. He is currently working on several new songs with Rick Harris of Que Sound Studio and Dwight Williams of Ground Zero Recording, focusing on R&B, Smooth Jazz, and Neo-Soul.
Length of Program: 1 hour
Maximum Number of Participants: N/A
Venue Requirements: Grounded power outlet, 5'x5' open area away from foot traffic, easy access for rolling cart
Cost: $325

Miguel Cintron has been perfecting his vocal talent since Junior High in such varied styles as R&B, Classical Choir, Oldies Motown, and Broadway Musical Standards. Knowing the value of a “triple threat,” Miguel studied voice, drama, and dance at Ophara Creative and Performing Arts School. As a teen, he was a member of the AAA Choir in San Diego, CA, where he had the opportunity to perform as a soloist for Ronald Reagan. His vocal aptness secured him an award at the National Festival of Choirs in Washington, DC .

Miguel has had the opportunity to create songs with many up-and-coming producers such as Shawn Jaros, Black-Cap Productions, Roger Stubblefield of 21st Century Recording, Rick Harris of Cue Sound Studio, Doug Lyon of QI Max Sound, and Dwight Williams of DDG/DLC Productions. He also became a lead vocalist for the Joyous Occasion Orchestra. Currently he is working with most leading bands in Philly Soul Sauce & District Blue bringing the best entertainment that Philly has to offer. 2012.