Artist: StoryUp!

Writing and Improv Theater

StoryUP Workshop
Program Description: StoryUP! teaching artists help students bring characters and ideas to life, and to create their own books and writing pieces out of their play. This workshop will incorporate drama and improv games and plenty of on-your-feet activities where students act out stories of their own creation. Then, we’ll get a start on recording our stories into our own books to take home.
Length of Program: 60-90 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: 20
Venue Requirements: Need open space for group to move around for on-your-feet activities.
Cost: $275
StoryUP Show
Program Description: Philly’s finest improvisers present a 45-60 minute interactive storytelling show based on stories and ideas from the audience, with the students taking part the whole way. A host and team of performers use props, costumes, and improvisation to create stories onstage using story ingredients provided by the audience. The show keeps participants engaged as they join in the story-building fun.
Length of Program: 45-60 Minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: not restricted
Venue Requirements: Minimum 10' by 10' space to serve as stage area
Cost: $325

StoryUP! inspires creativity and supports literacy education through interactive improv shows based on stories and ideas from kids.