Artist: StoryUP!

Writing and Improv Theater

StoryUP! Workshop
Program Description: StoryUP! teaching artists work with students ages 5 through adult to tell, write, and dramatize imagined or true stories in a fun-filled workshop that gives students tools to put ideas “up on their feet”. Students will engage in basic improv activities and participate in creating group or individual stories.
Length of Program: 60 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: 12
Venue Requirements: Need open space for group to move around for on-your-feet activities.
Cost: $350
StoryUP Interactive Performance
Program Description: The StoryUP! Show invites you on a unique adventure as improvisational actors present an interactive performance based on ideas and stories from the audience. Audience members can write stories ahead of time or give ideas on the spot. StoryUP! actors will model for the audience how they can tell, write, and dramatize their own stories using improv.
Length of Program: 45-60 Minutes
Cost: $475

StoryUP! engages children and adults with interactive, improvised performances based on the imagined and true stories of our audience collaborators. Through performances, workshops and teacher trainings, StoryUP! professional artists and teachers inspire and motivate participants to tell, write and dramatize the stories within. StoryUP! creates a joyful, collaborative space to enhance literacy, strengthen community, and celebrate the healing power of laughter through storytelling.