Artist: Oni Lasana

Storyteller & Poet

LOL 4 Real! with Oni
Program Description: Laugh Out Loud 4 Real is a gentle form of Hasyayoga, a practice involving voluntary laughter with deep breathing. Participants can sit in chairs and stand. No floor work is required. Laughter Yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Laughter yoga is done in groups, with eye contact, movements, music, singing, and playfulness between participants without jokes or comedy. It is a great exercise to relieve stress for elementary school children up to seniors.
Length of Program: 60 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: 100+
Venue Requirements: Rug free floor, circle of chairs (if not in auditorium) electrical outlet, participants may want to bring water bottles. Loose fitting clothes
Cost: $300
Oni Lasana, The Storyteller
Program Description: Listen ~ Smile ~ Cry ~ Laugh ~ Dream ~ Feel ~ Hope ~ Sing ~ Engage ~ Oni Lasana, a vivacious storyteller who speaks to hearts...touches soul's, lifts spirits and brings on the JOY! Allow Oni to create a unique personalized storytelling program for your clients and community.
Length of Program: 1 hour
Maximum Number of Participants: 100+
Venue Requirements: Electrical outlet for CD player.
Cost: $275
Down on the Farm with Granny Goose
Program Description: Down on the Farm with Granny Goose…features poetic storytelling with Oni Lasana as Mother Goose’s “cousin.” Children are invited to act out the stories and poetry of various poets, mime & music as they learn about Granny’s life on the zaniest farm they will ever imagine! This performance is appropriate for audience members in preschool to fourth grade
Length of Program: 45 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: Minimum of 12 people
Venue Requirements: Access to electrical outlets.
Cost: $275
Doin’ Dunbar as ‘Lias’ Mother
Program Description: Oni Lasana Doin’ Dunbar as ‘Lias’ Mother… is an engaging one-woman interactive play, featuring the southern dialect poetry and folktales of literary icon, Paul Laurence Dunbar. Set during the Civil War (1800’s) in America, “Elias” Mother invites you into her personal life with tales of family and friends. Her resilience, courage and dignity captivate everyone through the power of story, music and dance, mixed with love, pathos and laughter. Oni received a standing ovation at the One Night Stand series at People’s Light & Theater Company, in Malvern, PA. Hailed as “The Voice of Dunbar” by Professor Nikki Giovanni, Oni brings American history, literature, and the joy of live theater to your community! This performance is appropriate for audience members 11 years of age and older
Length of Program: 60-90 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: Minimum 12 people
Venue Requirements: Artist needs assistance with props on arrival. Bottled water. Electrical outlet. Depending on size of venue, will need a sound system that can accommodate a lavalier wireless microphone.
Cost: $375

Oni Lasana is a multi-talented performing and teaching artist. A professional storyteller, published poet, radio producer and musician, who specializes in the poetic folktales of Paul Laurence Dunbar. She is featured “rapping Dunbar” in the award winning audio book “Hip Hop Speaks To Children.” Her independent record label produced “Oni Lasana Doin’ Dunbar as ‘Lias’ Mother” and her original poetry, “Sister Wings” in a spoken word CD. She is a featured performer on The Paul Laurence Dunbar Definitive DVD Collection. Based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Oni travels and performs throughout the US, Europe, Caribbean and most recently in Zimbabwe, Africa. She is an enthusiastic veteran of Art-Reach, who “Constantly, Celebrates, Creativity” as a cultural consultant.