Artist: Jessica Curtaz

Multifaceted Visual Artist

Make Your Own Colorful Scratchboard
Program Description: After looking at examples of scratchboard art, participants will learn how to make their own using crayons, soap and black tempera paint. They will then be given the opportunity to scratch out personally designed atmospheric art using wooden skewers, spoons and forks. Participants will be exposed to scratchboard and printmaking illustrations to gain awareness of the art form and get inspiration for their own pieces. Participants will learn how to make their own scratchboards from basic materials as well as different mark making skills.
Length of Program: 90 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: 15 people
Cost: $225
Colorful Embroidery
Program Description: Participants will get the chance to design their own woven embroidery pieces using sharpies and colorful yarn. Burlap embroidery boards will be used as the base for drawings that can be stitched on top. These pieces can be further personalized by wrapping and decorating their cardboard frames. Participants will gain awareness of public and private fiber art and will learn basic embroidery stitches, while getting the freedom to use those stitches to design their own piece.
Length of Program: 90 minutes
Cost: $225

Jessica Curtaz is a Philadelphia-based street artist and arts advocate. She transforms public space through installing crocheted weeds, insects, real and imaginary creatures, and other, over-sized flora and fauna onto the urban landscape, bringing a feminized craft out of the home and onto the streets.
Jessica works as a teaching artist, specializing in adaptive teaching methods for special needs populations. She has worked with a wide range of abilities and special needs.