Artist: Averil Smith Barone


Art History Symposium
Program Description: Learn the history of art and how to best appreciate and understand it in order to heighten any experience at a museum or gallery. Averil will provide various paintings to examine from a variety of eras and explain the history of the works and artists who created them. Participants will learn new terms such as content and color, then have the opportunity to discuss each painting as a group including how the image makes them feel and what they think the artist was trying to convey. To grasp the concepts explored in this experience, each person will be asked to choose an image from the discussion and reproduce part of it using pastels or colored pencils.
Length of Program: 60 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: 10-15 people
Venue Requirements: White board for PowerPoint. If no white board, we can use Averil's personal computer or printed material.
Cost: $145
Poetry and Watercolor Workshop
Program Description: Combine your creativity with two fine art mediums, Poetry and Watercolor. This opportunity allows participants to experience both and express themselves artistically in a number of ways. During the poetry segment, Averil reads poetry aloud and leads discussions to familiarize participants with the art form. Promoting team work, she then leads poetry games customized according to the groups’ ability and age. Participants may be asked to choose three words from a hat and try to make a poem with them, or string together the first letters of their names in each sentence of the poem. Finally, the group may select a memory from the past and craft a poem about what they remembered or how the experience affected them. In the watercolor portion of the workshop, Averil demonstrates watercolor techniques with sponges, paper towels and paintbrushes. Using the newly created poetry, participants use their imagination and emotions to heighten their poems with imagery, creating original works of art to accompany their words. The images can be abstract or figurative as they depict the feelings their poems evoke. Averil will explain both terms to the audience. An original, unique and personal keepsake will result for participants to showcase, combining their poetry and watercolor.
Length of Program: 90 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants: 15 people
Venue Requirements: Water source and sink.
Cost: $175

Averil Smith Barone lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylavania and is a practicing watercolor artist as well as an art teacher. She received her bachelor’s degree in Painting and Art History, with a minor in English, from Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio in 1990. In 1994, she received a master’s degree in Art Education from University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following that, Averil worked as an artist representative for illustrators for nine years.