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StoryUP! engages children and adults with interactive, improvised performances based on the imagined and true stories of our audience collaborators. Through performances, workshops and teacher trainings, StoryUP! professional artists and teachers inspire and motivate participants to tell, write and dramatize the stories within. StoryUP! creates a joyful, collaborative space to enhance literacy, strengthen community, and celebrate the healing power of laughter through storytelling.

Oni Lasana


Oni Lasana is a multi-talented performing and teaching artist. A professional storyteller, published poet, radio producer and musician, who specializes in the poetic folktales of Paul Laurence Dunbar. She is featured “rapping Dunbar” in the award winning audio book “Hip Hop Speaks To Children.” Her independent record label produced “Oni Lasana Doin’ Dunbar as ‘Lias’ Mother” and her original poetry, “Sister Wings” in a spoken word CD. She is a featured performer on The Paul Laurence Dunbar Definitive DVD Collection. Based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Oni travels and performs throughout the US, Europe, Caribbean and most recently in Zimbabwe, Africa. She is an enthusiastic veteran of Art-Reach, who “Constantly, Celebrates, Creativity” as a cultural consultant.