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As part of our mission, Theatre Horizon brings terrific, professional theatre to our suburban communities and provides excellent theatre education to over 750 children annually. ACCESS Philly tickets can be purchased online at the Theatre Horizon website. 

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The Agitators | February 28 through March 22, 2020
“Do you believe this can ever be a country for all?” Susan B. Anthony, a white suffragist, asks Frederick Douglass, a black statesman, on the day they first meet. It’s the question at the heart of The Agitators, a riveting new play about two rebels who became American icons. Youthful hopes and dreams united them in their fight to end slavery, but over time, their disagreements about how to gain voting rights tested their alliance. Theirs is a story of defiance, rebellion, and revolution. In 2020 we invite you to meet the people who wrote the playbook on how to fight for someone else’s rights.

Galilee | April 17 through April 19, 2020
In a once bustling fishing town along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a gifted biology student puts her college career on pause to help save the family business. Meanwhile, sea temperatures rise and a fearsome new species of shark appears. Caught between a risky new business scheme and the warnings of a wise-cracking old diver, she must decide–fight, flee, or adapt to the changing environment.

Athena | May 9 through May 31, 2020
Athena and Mary Wallace are seventeen, determined, and preparing for battle. Sparring partners for the National Fencing Championships, they balance high stakes fencing attacks with the dangers of becoming friends with your competitor. These fierce athletes risk it all in a breathless series of epic fencing matches and quick-witted parleys. A badass comedy about the ruthless pursuit of glory—and friendship.