Art-Reach creates opportunities for people from the disability community and living with low-income to have greater access to arts and culture.

  • A woman creates artwork at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
  • A portrait of one of the Saint Katherine Day School students participating in the Collaborative Ballet Project with PA Ballet.
  • Member for Associated Services for the Blind smelling a yellow flower with big petals, at Art-Reach's 2017 audio described tour of the Philadelphia Flower Show.
  • A woman smiles, standing next to flowers at the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show.
  • A person is surrounded by bubbles at Art Reach's 30th birthday party.
  • PA Ballet dancer and Saint Katherine Day School student extend their arms, palms flexed and open, while looking up and smiling.

Art-Reach serves the Philadelphia region by working toward cultural accessibility on a scale that includes over 400 organizations and reaches over 160,000 people a year.

Art-Reach works with three groups to make culture possible:



Member Organizations

We work with over 200 Human Services who work with people with disabilities and low income, who are our Member Organizations. These partnerships bring thousands of people to theaters, museums, musical venues and other cultural sites throughout the year.

Arts Partners

Art-Reach builds accessible opportunities in the arts by partnering with over 200 cultural organizations. Art-Reach helps create accessibility awareness with the Arts Partners, adapts their existing programs and help to build new audiences for their offerings. In return, Arts Partners offer deeply subsidized or free programming to Art-Reach member organizations.

ACCESS Cardholders

Pennsylvania ACCESS cards are distributed to people who receive benefits from the state of Pennsylvania. The ACCESS Philly program is open to anyone with the blue or yellow card.

A digital rendering of the Pennsylvania EBT and Medicaid ACCESS cards.


You helped us expand our arts horizon.

— Rick, Seasons-NHS