Meet our small but mighty staff that is making Philadelphia the most accessible arts city in the country

Our Staff

John Orr, Executive Director

Photo of John Orr in front of beige brick wall

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Lauren Garnese, Deputy Director

Lauren Garnese Smiling in front of beige Brick Walls267-515-6723 /

Katie Samson, Director of Programs

Katie Samson Smiling in front of beige brick wall

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Charlie Miller, Director of ACCESS Philly

Portrait of Charlie Miller outside with Philadelphias City Hall in the background

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Alex Boyle, Manager of Member Programs

Photo of Alex Boyle smiling infront of beige brick wall

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Kelly McCaughern, Assistant Director of Communications

Staff Photo outside from left: Deputy Director Lauren Garnese, Executive Director, John Orr, Director of ACCESS Philly, Charlie Miller, Member Services Coordinator Alex Boyle, Director of Programs, Katie Samson, Assitant Director of Communications Kelly McCaughern

Our Board

Harvey Swedloff, Chairperson
Amanda Agati, Vice-Chair
Subhash Verghese, Treasurer
Talia Stinson, Secretary
Rebecca Bradbeer, Community Advocate
Richard Couch, Chair Emeritus
Benjamin Baker
Blake Cooper
Sipi Gupta
Cheryl Kauffman
Kara LaFleur
Jody Roberts
Adam Weinstein
Michele Wood

Art-Reach Board Members: Sipi, Amanda, Kara, Talia, Subhash and Michele posing at event

Art-Reach board members from left: Sipi, Amanda, Kara, Talia, Subhash & Michele 

I can’t believe I get to go to work with this amazing group of people. They’re like family and they push Art-Reach further every day.

— John Orr, Executive Director