Tony Mascara, Art-Reach Roster Artist

Ever since I started working as an in facility artist for Art Reach, I have had the opportunity to share and teach populations that would not have been exposed to music and arts. When I do an Art Reach presentation it is the epitome of a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Art-Reach allows me to facilitate a very healing art form that benefits all of the people involved. I have never experienced so many positive results as a result of performing. Thank you Art Reach!

United Cerebral Palsy, Art-Reach Member

The performance today with Mr. Tony Mascara was absolutely wonderful. He kept the children’s interest the entire time. My toddlers could not stop dancing and clapping. He had a variety of instruments with him that he did not have any problem allowing children to explore in their own way. This was so much fun for everyone. I had only 2 children who could not take the noise. This as a GREAT experience. Music always connects with all people. He was entertaining and even the adults learned some new things about drums. How about a square drum…how cool is that…

LiveConnections, Art-Reach Partner

We LOVED having your members in the house this week for the “World of Percussion” Bridge Session. It’s a special experience to share music with people who participate with so much joy and enthusiasm, and our artists regularly talk about how strongly these sessions impact them. I hope the participants enjoyed it half as much.

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society

We really appreciate our partnership with Art-Reach and your commitment to connecting our concerts with underserved audiences. I know that your member agencies must be grateful for your work but we also recognize the important role that Art-Reach plays for performing arts organizations in helping us to reach these audiences.

Girls’ Friendly Society, Art-Reach Member

I am so appreciative to have a membership with Art-Reach. You have helped me show young girls what is out there in the world, besides the movie theater and hip hop concerts. They also get the opportunity learn how to act and react to life. Even though I only had the opportunity to take one of my teens and her mother to see Danse4nia, it was a wonderful opportunity to see what is possible. She was impressed by the choreography and admired the founder of the dance school. As with many of my teens, it has to be extra special for them to be impressed. So BRAVO to Danse4Nia and Art-Reach for making it possible for us to enjoy.

Anonymous audience member at the Arden Theatre Company

The closed captions enabled me to ‘read’ the words I couldn’t understand in the singing. The emotion interpretation of the signals was extraordinary to watch. I am not “challenged” in any way- but I found the performance to be exceptional.

Yvette, Independence Starts Here participant at The Arden Theatre Company

I have a hearing problem and usually get most of the words but not all. Today being able to read the conversations as well as pick up what I was also hearing was a great advantage. For the first time in a long time I was able to enjoy the program so much better. Thanks!

Rec Care Inc., Art-Reach Member

Art-Reach allows me to expose an underserved population, letting them know that they have self worth and seeing their faces light up when experiencing these events, performances or visit to the museums is priceless and fulfilling for me.

Jenna Frome, Art-Reach Roster Artist

Art-Reach allows me to grow as an artist and a teacher. It provides me with opportunities to stretch my skills and develop into a stronger communicator. It is the bridge between the “Art and Dance Studio” and the people in the real world whom I want to teach and learn from. It is a support system with tools which allow diverse individuals to experience their own creative process.