Art-Reach’s Encore Program offers extended, interactive, and enriching artistic workshops to members. These meaningful and inspiring experiences are offered in many different forms and customized to our member’s needs. They can be created to complement ticketed activities, as single-session or multi-session workshops or as residencies, deepening artistic engagement and fostering educational exploration.

Art-Reach’s In-Facility Program brings creative performances and hands-on activities to the sites of Art-Reach Members. Members may select comprehensive programs created by a diverse roster of local artists, gaining access to these programs at a reduced rate. Art-Reach partners with over 45 different local artists, each of whom is extremely dedicated to working with many different types of audiences.

For more information about the artists on our roster, visit our For Member – In-Facility page.

If you are interested in setting up an experience that is tailored to you and the people you serve, contact Director of Programming Charlie Miller at | (267) 515-6725.