If you are connected to an Art-Reach member organization, this is your portal to use our services.

Art-Reach’s programs are designed to increase access to the arts for audiences of all ages and abilities, including at-risk youths, individuals with disabilities and economic disadvantages, and elders in need. Art-Reach works with other organizations, rather than with individuals, in order to achieve the greatest impact on our constituents.

In order for your agency, school, church, hospital, support group, community organization, activity center, or residential facility to partner with Art-Reach, you must become a member of Art-Reach. You must also agree to the following requirements:

  • One staff person from your organization must be appointed as an Art-Reach liaison;
  • The liaison must attend a two-hour orientation at the Art-Reach office and guide constituents through expected behaviors and processes;
  • Pay an annual membership fee, which allows Art-Reach to continue to offer our programs and services to a wide range of community members throughout the Delaware Valley.