Art-Reach Arts Partners  are cultural institutions committed to improving accessibility and increasing attendance by offering deeply discounted or free tickets to Art-Reach for distribution to Art-Reach Members.  Partnering cultural organizations include theaters, dance companies, museums, gardens and historic sites among others.


You, as a museum, garden, historic site or arboretum can join forces with Art-Reach by:

-Providing discounted or free admission to Art-Reach Members

-Working with Art-Reach to tailor your existing workshops to meet the specific needs of Art-Reach Members

-Collaborating with Art-Reach to provide your staff the resources and educational materials to better serve visitors of varying abilities.

-Hosting or producing accessible, community events in partnership with Art-Reach.


Collaboration in these capacities is a win-win situation for everyone – our Members get to interact with the rich culture of our region in ways that they would not otherwise be able to, while Arts Partners expand their community outreach efforts to appreciative audiences.


To partner with Art-Reach, please contact Charlie Miller at 267-515-6725, or

A list of our current Arts Partners can be found here.

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Museum, Garden and Historic Site Arts Partners.